Plugins and Multi-site Testing

Spent some time today bringing this site up to the latest WordPress 4.5.1 – easy deployment sync in Azure for this Project Nami based installation.

I also tried a few plugins unsuccessfully.

  • UpdraftPlus – backups site files, themes, contents just fine (to Dropbox), but failed on backing up the database (can understand this).
  • Wordfence – couldn’t get it to automatically load its free API. Word is to basically this is not even supported on Windows/IIS.

The next work entailed moving to a multi-site WordPress setup.

Steps (Webmatrix makes this easy):

  1. Edit your wp-config.php and add:

    /* Multisite */
    define('MULTISITE', true);
  1. Log back in to your site and hit the add a Network wizard.

If  you encounter an issue where your WP states you must use sub-domains (not possible on a free Azure site) you can use this great trick (assuming you’re OK with the possible issues):

Add this to the functions.php of your current theme:

add_filter( 'allow_subdirectory_install',
	create_function( '', 'return true;' )
  1. Refresh your Network wizard page and you’ll get the option to use sub-directories.
  2. Complete the wizard and follow its remaining steps.



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